The Dangers of “Doomscrolling”
11 August
Qualified During Pandemic COVID-19
19 August

Qualified During Pandemic COVID-19

The imposition of restrictions on activities carried out outside the home should give us more effective opportunities and time to improve our quality. However, have you used most of the time you have these days, properly? Or it turns out that a lot of time was wasted.

Quality equals competency. Competency refers to our knowledge, cognition, or anything that we can do. However, other than "skill", competency is also about "ability" that God has given us since birth as 'capital' in our lives but unfortunately, not everyone can understand how powerful this is.

Many of us may still not know what we are capable of. However, the positive content of the current COVID-19 pandemic is how a situation that urges us to survive has finally become the driving force behind the emergence of hidden abilities that we don't even know we can do.

The digital acceleration that is happening today opens up opportunities for various kinds of information to be easier to 'steal' our time through various media. If we are not vigilant and have self-discipline, then it is very likely that our time can end up being wasted and there will be no positive changes in us.

Know what is our focus in doing everything and understand what is the goal in our life. Do not only focus on the result without considering every process behind it that must be passed. "Purpose" will encourage us to start something and "passion" will keep us going consistently until our purpose is achieved.

The dangers of Doomscrolling cannot be avoided or overcome from the content’s side. Therefore, we as the audience must realize the importance of knowing what we need and have clear and positive goals in seeking information. That way, we can easily distance ourselves from negative content that can drag us into the dangers of Doomscrolling.

Visit our podcast section to hear a deeper and more detailed explanation on the topic "Qualified During Pandemic COVID-19" by Daniel V. Lie, President/Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA collaborating with SmartFM Radio on the Smart DigiTalk program.

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