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31 August
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14 September

Learning Culture to Establish Your Leadeship

Leadership & learning goes hand in hand - they’re a vital combo to establish your organization.

digimers, we understand that should apply learning culture in our organization or company. But do you know it’s not just for the sake of your human resources’ qualification, employee engagement and retention? It is not about your organization culture, different!

Learning culture is also important to your leadership, when you & your team are engaging in a spirit of constant learning, your leadership is also growing at the same time. Learning culture allows you to own great teamwork that will give best performance results in which your leadership will be highlighted and recognized.

So, how to build a culture of learning within your organization?
- Formalize L & D (Learning & Development) as Learning Organization.
- Develop Workplace Learning Environment Strategy
- Implementing Learning Impact Measurements (LIMs)
- Formalize Learning Evaluation Strategy
- Strengthen Learning Infrastructure and Knowledge Management.

When an organization has a very weak learning culture, it’s usually ended in weak leadership. So make sure you’re doing it right! No worries, digima ASIA is here at your service.

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