Importance of Learning Culture
17 July
Competency Development Post-Industrial Revolution 4.0.
31 July

Innovative Learning in Competencies Development

digimers, if you have already realized that your organization can use some competencies boost to develop it even further, digima ASIA’s signature innovative learning is your go-to solution.

Competence is an asset within an organization, an underlying characteristic of a person which enables them to deliver superior performance in a given job, role or situation.

Competence development is a more practical or at least action-oriented approach which aims to develop these assets or competences. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge and put attention to this element. Competence development has set out to expand organizational measurement from command and control purposes towards enabling learning and self-renewal.

Through digima Learning eXperience® (dLX), we bring you highly impactful digima Learning eXperience® with implementation of learning innovation and competencies development experience in the digital era that’s suited to your organization’s unique requirements.

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