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Franciska Angelina

Franciska Angelina Digital Illustration & Creative Expert Franciska realised that drawing a cute things has been her passion since a kid, so she took a big step entering a creative industry as a designer and illustrator. She has graduated from Universitas  Multimedia Nusantara, majoring in Visual Communication Design and she also [...]

Daniel V. Lie

Daniel V. Lie, with his belief in commitment and persistence in everything he has done and reaching his dream to bring more value to people and his country, he never stops to develop himself in value. He starts his carrier with IBM Indonesia since 1993 and develop a company in 1998 that specialize [...]

Ariyana Vidya

Ariyana Vidya Team Leader Digital Illustration & Creative Expert With more than 9 years of experience in visual design for digital learning content and systems, Ariyana led a team of creative designers to create eLearning content and mobile apps for clients across industry and outside the country. Armed with her skills [...]

Era Farameita

Era Farameita Team Leader Digital Instruction & Learning Expert As an Instructional Design with more than 11 years in elearning business for various industry, whether it is banking, pharmaceutical or financial industry made her realize that each industry, each client needs is very unique. 'what they want doesn't always right for [...]

Maera Kaca Panji Andrianto

Maera Kaca Panji Andrianto Digital Instruction & Learning Expert Deputy "Learning should be simple and fun", thats what he realized after working in elearning business for various industry, whether it is banking, pharmaceutical or financial industry for 11 years. During the 11 years in the elearning business, panji has helped various [...]

Benny Dictus Dharma

Benny Dictus Dharma Chief Financial Officer Benny began working in KPSG since May 1, 2003, from the beginning of work in KPSG He was given responsibility in terms of KPSG financial and accounting as VP of Finance & Accounting. During his period of work much has been done to improve the [...]

Amil Amrillah

Amil Amrillah Team Leader Digital Multimedia & Animation Expert Amil amrillah has started his career as animator since the year 2005. His passion in animation allowed him to work as an animator in a variety of companies, such as a publishing company, IT consulting, banking, and e-learning & multimedia developer. Quotes: "Focusing [...]

Caesar Anugrah Ilahi

Caesar Anugrah Ilahi Digital Multimedia & Animation Expert Has 1 year of experience in IT development and over 2 years of experience in multimedia development. An expert in learning and animation development programs of learning industries. Experienced in creating eLearning from the beginning to the end; storyboard processing, translating into a visual form, and animating the content. Studied and graduated [...]

Dany Ardhiyono

Dany Ardhiyono Digital Multimedia & Animation Expert Has 5 years of experience in Digital Multimedia. From Animation 3D, learning, video effect, to mobile game development. He has made the opening video for several leading companies, created a video animation for the HelloFest competition and was a finalist, and was also the [...]

Muhammad Ihsan Saiful

Muhammad Ihsan Saiful Team Leader Digital Technology and Innovation Has more than six years of experience in the world of programming, has conducted research on new features as well as created a framework to make work more efficient. Received the IT-IL Foundation Certificate. Knows how to manage and organize work efficiently, [...]