About digima ASIA

digima ASIA is a company that creates digital innovation using up-to-date technology to provide merits and benefits to all its partner and client to achieve their company’s goals and growth.

Using HEART as its value, digima ASIA always include: Soul, People and Learning Outcome in every solution they provide.

With ‘Digital Innovation and Strategic Execution’ as its tagline, digima ASIA was built by young professionals with a burning passion in digital works, animation, and always strive for innovation particularly in ASIA region, and dreaming to be the best in the digital industry by connecting digital and learning solution to elevate people knowledge and skill.

By using business model involving managed service, as its strategic executions, digima ASIA ready to implement it in every single solution they offered.

Our Vision

Creating world class digital creation

Our Mission

Becoming a leading organization specializing in digital innovation and its strategic execution

Our Corporate Values

Our organization value is HEART It is the foundation for us to provide a solution, build our business and grow.


H for Harmony

We believe that when people get digital technologies involved when finding a solution, a harmony is created, leading to extraordinary achievement.


E for Excellence

We only give the best digital solutions, services and meticulous strategic executions that comply to business needs.

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A for Accelerate Growth

We believe that digital solutions can accelerate and leverage business goals, which greatly improves social growth.


R for Reliable

We were founded and formed by reliable experts who are both experienced and are amongst the best in their field of practice.


T for Teamwork

We always believe that our solutions come from good teamwork between our customers and our team.