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29 September
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12 October

How to See the Digital Trends in Nowadays Era?

Learning nowadays is simple as it should be. Let's say mobile-friendly learning platform, ease of digital access whenever and wherever it is, and reachability digital in one click. Those advantages must have driven and developed us to build our competencies more; it is what is called as digital learning trends.

But, does it matter? How about us as the subject of learning—a learner?

Daniel V. Lie as President / Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA once said that digital learning is not about the trends, but the acceptance itself. Does the learner accept the digital? How to accept this fast-paced world aligning with learning? How to process the information to keep it in mind & makes us more competent in the digital age?

Adjusted to technology and digital terms means that we are well-adapted individuals. The adapting process is guiding us to catch up with our goals in learning. Therefore, we could do digital-based learning to reach the desired competency development.

Learning and development (L&D) on the other side helps us to enhance as well as extend our skills. With creative, dynamic, yet simple learning strategies and programs, digital learning could bring your organization to go beyond.

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