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11 June
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26 June

E-Learning VS Digital Learning

How to select appropriate teaching and learning scenarios and techniques? The rise of online learning has evolved it into something different. The result is a headache when it comes to naming these symbiotic relationships. Some people called it as e-learning others prefer digital learning. The similarities and differences between e-learning and digital learning make it hard to distinguish, especially in some areas where it is overlapping each other. But this is something that should be clarified. So teachers, researchers, trainers, also learners are able to solve their respective educational and learning issues to improve the value of its impact in the lives of its learners.

E-learning is learning by using electronic media and it is only allows learning through the internet. Digital learning means learning using digital age technologies (computer, mobile devices, internet, etc) that can provides a wide range of solutions to enhance knowledge and performance in real life. Digital learning will provide solutions that e-learning cannot provide. The experience from digital learning also supports a person's career in the company.

Cornelia Rosari
Marketing Communication

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