AUGST 08TH, 2017

If you don’t know already, digima ASIA has at least two weekly meeting. The first one at Monday morning to open the week with inspiration and presentation about our work. The second one is held at Friday to close the week. Sometimes between these sessions, we also have additional coaching and mood-boosting sessions. The goal of these activities are all the same: to keep us in high-spirit while creating something valuable for others.

In the past few seasons, our trainers picked up a topic that rarely discussed by other companies: our dreams. We were asked one by one about our dreams while stood in a circle and held each other’s hands. It was so unique that it felt very awkward to share your personal dreams with your coworkers. That was the moment that we could be ourselves, to speak out about our dreams and to share it with others. Several people shared the same dreams while others were very surprising because it was very detailed or not related to their jobs at all. At the other sessions we were asked to create a plan to reach that dream in few years ahead and shared it in a little group discussion.

One thing for sure: dream is always personal and it is shaped by our experiences. Little kids mostly have to choose between being a doctor, an engineer, or a pilot. Then life happens, the lucky ones may be into that job right now but most of us, well, get the reality shapes (and slaps) us to what we are now. Some of us may still retain that dream and try to look for the workaround of it, just like a game developer who created a medical simulation game just because being a doctor is his/her dream job. Some of us may try to fit into the reality and set the dreams based on it. Few of us are inspired enough to look for non-mainstream dreams and work their way to get it.

Since our dreams are very personal, high chances people will never understand it completely. Worse than that, it will be a laughing stock for others who think it is not logical, though no dream is logical anyway since we cannot predict the future. That is okay, people will never believe in your dream anyway, it is us who will have to believe in ourselves and your dreams. It is up to us to take up the challenge or not. If we can get through those who don’t believe in your dream, as long as you make a good progress toward it, you will find someone who does.

Some people may think chasing our dreams are a waste of time, especially if those dreams are in extreme opposite of your daily life or job. No, you don’t. The truth is… If we have a dream and we are not chasing it, then we are wasting our lives. Many people don’t take it seriously and eventually have a lifetime regret of not doing it while they still have the energy, money or time for realizing it.

Life is not easy, so does your dreams. During our way to achieve those dreams, we will have to encounter obstacles and failures. What you have and will achieve is not always equal to the amount of hard work you put in it. Trust the process, learn a lot and keep going! We will eventually beat those obstacles. The ultimate question is how much are we to achieve those dreams. If you want it so bad then you will keep your motivation up to achieve it with all you’ve got.

Chase your dreams. It may land you on different place. It may put you on a hot water. It may change your life forever. Separate your fear for your dream. Don’t give it the power to control you. You have the control of yourselves. Work hard, stay focused, take risks and listen to your intuition. When you feel now is the right time then go for it. Finally, believe in your dreams because dreams are the wishes your heart made and you are never given wishes without being given the power to realize it.


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