Build a Tower, Build a Team
AUGST 08TH, 2017

Most organization consists of many people and each person has their own specialty. digima ASIA is also the same. We are a team consisting of many leaders and specialists working together towards our dreams. Programmers with their coding skills, Artists with their beautiful pieces of arts, Animators with their works of wonder, Instructional Designers with their extraordinary learning-related skills, marketing with their exceptional selling skills, and the operation team with their avatar-like (the bald one, not that bluish creature) abilities to keep our office up and running. Above them there are leaders with lots of responsibilities. To unify all of these people into a single dream is a monumental task by itself and we are building our team one step at a time. That’s why we do team-building activities every now and then.

Recently we did a team-building activity with the whole team, including our interns. The task didn’t look simple from the very start: You had to build a straw tower with using straws and straws only. No tape, no glue, nothing. It should have 4 standard characteristics: 2-meter tall, free-standing, meaningful and had digimer-quality. To make things even more challenging, each team member has a disability.

A team consisted of a blind, a mute, a pair of one-handed, and a pair of paralyzed people were tasked to band together to build this tower. It wasn’t easy, the team member of each department were scattered so each member of this tower-building team was relatively new with each other.

We were given 30 minutes to discuss about the concept on Friday and 30 more minutes to execute it on the next Monday. Every team built its own tower. Surprisingly each team came up with different design from each other. Unfortunately, at the end of the time limit, no one made It through. There was one tower reached almost 1.5 meters but the rest of us were failed miserably. Our leader, Pak Daniel, was disappointed by this result. He said these were our current effort for our projects, which was not even meet one of the standard characteristic. He told us to get serious because he believed that we could do it. Then he challenged us to work on our towers again for the next 30 minutes. At the end of the given extra-time.

Two groups made it! Still there were several groups failed to meet the target, even failed to make it stood out. This time, we did a debrief session and reviewed each of these towers and got lessons learned from all of it. Then our trainer challenged us to step forward if we want to give our all-out efforts. Challenge accepted. Everyone stepped forward. Everyone. All digimers. Then we ended the session with a pray for the better digima ASIA and us.

This training is usually called as experiential training. People learn in many different ways, but experiencing something is by far one of the most effective methods. Far better than listening to a lecture or reading a book. This training can help our team to learn more about working together as a team and what each of us values as an individual. One of the valuable lessons from this training is to make a good foundation for everything we do.

A good team is built using trust at its base. It is impossible to get things done by ourselves, so we need others’ help to do so, and we have to believe in them. digima ASIA has a lot of dreams, each of us as well. To reach all those dreams require a lot of hard work, even all-out efforts from each of us. We are now committed to this dream and will make the best out of it. This is digima ASIA and this is our dream.


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