Monday Inspiration
AUGST 08TH, 2017

There is always a love and hate relationship about Monday. Not all people ready to move one from their lazy Sunday to Meeting Monday, Tired Tuesday, Worried Wednesday and so on. Just the thinking of all the traffic jams and the hardship of finding an empty parking slot are enough force to drive you back to your comfortable bed.

Today seems like a good time to talk about what we, digimers, do every Monday morning. It is something that motivates us to go to work and leave us with extra charge of energy for the rest of the week. We call it (wait for it…..) Monday Inspiration. It is the first thing that we do to start a new week.

The goal itself is self-explanatory, which is to 'inspire' the whole team, by telling them an inspirational figure or story. It can be a story about a person who invented a new technology. It can also be about a company who created the most famous animation movie. From them you can learn a lot about the action and process they took to get into that point.

But just like a war cannot be won only by the generals, we can also learn from anyone or anything. It doesn't have to be someone or something with superlative title on it. At some stories, perhaps that is the first you heard those names.

Every now and then there are also tales about ordinary people, just like us. What makes them different from us? Physically? Almost nothing. It is their extra effort that matters. It is about how they want to fight tooth and nail to get their dreams against all odds. Sometimes even this 'extra' doesn't have to be an extraordinary act of bravery or something. The extra can be an extra smile, extra praises, extra kindness, or any other things that can be done in a matter of seconds.

There is one thing to learn from all these stories: they make impacts. Again, it doesn’t have to be something huge and massive, it can be small and personal, but always in a positive way. We believe their inspirations will inspire digimers as well. We believe to be inspired at the start of the week will make a lasting effect for the rest of the week. We believe we can make impacts like them too. This is the way digimers start their Monday. How about you? What do you do to keep yourself inspired?


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