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1 February

Be Aware, Don’t Lose Yourself in the Career Jungle

"Don’t be afraid to lose people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please people around you."

That’s a popular word that sometimes goes by our ears without further reflection to ourselves.

Be yourself!

Don't aim to be ‘someone else’ - let alone, compare ourselves with others. We often want to be someone else or become someone who can be accepted by others so that our life will be better. That is totally a wrong mentality. Remember, each of us is created so unique and extraordinary that we should not compare to one another.

So, in the midst of our work pressure, don't lose our identity.

We may be rejected or not accepted by others, but do not let us be rejected and not accepted by ourselves. Let’s start appreciating and making yourself meaningful. Let's make it clear and prove yourself to yourself, not to others.

The only limit out there in your career is yourself

So, let's start from ourselves and find our life purpose daily and live life to the fullest. Never give up, and stop doubting yourself. Be original, today and tomorrow.

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