digima ASIA has entered its third year of achieving milestones in market differentiation, and now it is ready to present the industry with the Highly-impactful Digital Learning Experience ®, the solution to comprehensive learning. This solution alters the conventional learning method, shifting into a more interactive and immersive learning experience.

With this clear vision and mission in mind, digima ASIA will enhance the competency of its employees in accordance with the values of the company.

The Key Performance Index (KPI) is the main focus that guides us in providing the Highly-impactful Digital Learning Experience.







Highly Impactful
Digital Learning Experience ®

We are creating value of life by developing great digital content and animation movies through the real user experience platform.

Starts with what we have in mind, we change and deliver digital innovation with strategic ideation, digital designs and pictures, simulation and strategic thinking and user experience for adult learning, by utilizing the latest technology and mixing it with real life of experience development in learning platforms, digital learning and experience campaigns and creation of international-standard animation movies to promote local values and wisdom of Indonesia.

The digital content creator was born here with all selected professional experiences.

Digital Learning Platform

Digital Strategic Execution

Digital Learning

Managed Services

Commitment to Greatness

digima ASIA was founded in 2016 by an all-star team of industry veterans combined with passion-driven creative talents. Instead of taking its first baby step, digima ASIA has set its own trail in the sky. Despite being a new company, digima ASIA is already in strong partnerships with various multinational and local companies. These are the fruits of our commitment to provide only the best solution for our valuable partners and customers. We believe, with the right mindset and a sheer force of creativity, anything is possible.

digima ASIA is the one and only company in Indonesia which both focusing on both learning and developing people through three different business units: digima Content, digima Animation and digima University.

digima Content provides various learning content and strategies through rich-media for all ages. digima Content believes that people have their own values and potentials. We just have to help them to unlock it. Based on that belief, it is our mission to bring out all the goodness in people.

digima Animation is based on ideas. The extraordinary ones. We believe animation movies and motion pictures are powerful media to spread happiness, wisdom and positive values. In order to make it happen, we create our own IPs that help people to discover all the positivity in the world.

digima University is basically a digital university without border. We provide international certification in various competencies, such as animation, technology and learning organization development. Its mission is to empower talents with skills, knowledge, attitude and wisdom to transform them for a better future.

Valued Customers and Partners

We are helping our customers to discover their values and collaborating with our partners to present our masterpieces to the world.

Internship Program to Accelerate your skills

Are you undergraduate students looking for applying your hard-earned knowledge and skills at a world-class creative company? Then you are just a click away! Interns matter for us at digima ASIA. Actually you are gonna be an integral part of us! You will be involved in almost all our activities from the very start. digima ASIA team, including our interns, come from many backgrounds: business, developer, art, animation and many more! Being here will open up opportunities to create a world-class digital creation and a lifetime chance to discover your own life value!

Having an internship opportunity at digima asia is a very valuable experience for me. During my internship, I can learn the true experience of working in professional environment - Andre alfadjrid (SMKN 1 Enam Lingkung)

My experience during my internship in digima ASIA is very helpful for me to improve my talent further and to know how to work at an emerging creative company - Wahyu Surya Abdi (SMKN 1 Enam Lingkung)

digima ASIA is the right place for me to develop my creativities and ideas in marketing. I learned a lot, especially about value which always reminded by the company and everyone in it. It changed my mindset about how to live a professional life. "Work with all your heart" is a very powerful massege given to me by digima ASIA.
Yeremia Kevin - Digital Marketing Intern
(BINUS University)

My internship experience at digima ASIA was being involved in a great project which brought rich knowledge and wisdom. I was grateful for the chance I had been given for this wonder ful experience.
Lidya novalisa - Digital Animation Intern
(Universitas Pelita Harapan)

I am glad to have a chance to be an intern at digima ASIA. i could learn a lot of new things that couldn't be found else whare, for example the true "wisdom" of the professional life.
Raditya Arga - Digital Marketing Intern
(BINUS University)

My experience working in digima ASIA was a blast. i met so many talented, funny, and hardworking people and the most important of all, l always learned new things everyday.
Hansel Horex - Digital Animation Intern
(Universitas Pelita Harapan)

My time working as an intern at digima ASIA inspired me to involve my self directly in the project. This experience has allowed me to develop my skills and my value to become a better person.
Victoria Johanna - Digital Animation Intern
(Universitas Pelita Harapan)

I was so lucky to get an internship at digima ASIA, because I could learn a lot about knowledge,skills,wisdom, and many more. Thanks digima ASIA.
Reza Winata - Digital Marketing Intern
(BINUS University)

My time working as an intern at digima ASIA inspired me to involve myself directly in the project. This experience has allowed me to develop my skills and my value to become a better person.
Cindy Angela - Digital Animation Intern
(Universitas Pelita Harapan)

Valued Institutional Partners (VIP)


digima ASIA is built by young professionals with years of accumulated knowledge, skills, competencies and experiences with burning passion in content creations, animation movies, people development, digital innovation and its strategic execution.



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